Maintaining accountability is essential to ensure progress towards ending TB. To spur political action and monitor progress towards ending TB, The Lancet Commission and experts participating in this Commission are launching The Lancet TB Observatory. The idea for this Observatory was first proposed in 2010 to promote urgent global action to control the TB epidemic.

TB Observatory

The TB Observatory will be composed of global experts and stakeholders from high-burden countries and will meet annually between now and 2022, to critically evaluate progress towards targets developed at the United Nations High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis. The TB Observatory also will monitor domestic and global financing for efforts to end TB and identify corrective actions and investments necessary to achieve targets.

By providing an independent perspective on the activities of key global stakeholders, including the World Health Organization, the Stop TB Partnership and the Global Fund, the TB Observatory can also help optimize alignment of these different organizations towards ending the epidemic.

TB Report Card

Report Cards are one tool the Observatory will use to can hold countries accountable for their commitments and determine where additional assistance is needed. This approach has been an important political component of the global fight to end HIV/AIDS. The chart below highlights the current performance of ten high TB burden countries on several epidemiologic, programmatic, financial and multisectoral indicators.

High-burden Countries Report Card
Meets UN diagnosis and treatment targets Provides universal health coverage and health equity Addresses multi-sectoral drivers of TB Political will
Bangladesh Approaching target Approaching target Needs improvement Low
DR Congo Needs improvement Needs improvement Needs improvement Low
India Needs improvement Approaching target Needs improvement High
Indonesia Needs improvement Approaching target Approaching target Moderate
Kenya Needs improvement Approaching target Needs improvement High
Mozambique Needs improvement Needs improvement Needs improvement Moderate
Nigeria Needs improvement Approaching target Needs improvement High
Pakistan Approaching target Needs improvement Needs improvement Moderate
South Africa On target Approaching target Approaching target High
Tanzania Needs improvement Needs improvement Approaching target Low