UN High-Level Meeting on TB

The UN high-level meeting on TB will take place at UN headquarters in New York on September 26th, during the UN General Assembly general debate.

What is a high-level meeting?

The United Nations General Assembly agrees to convene a high-level meeting on a specialized topic in exceptional circumstances through a UN resolution and vote. The meeting’s purpose is to reach agreement among heads of state and governments on cooperative measures and solutions on important global issues.

Why is the UN high-level meeting on TB important and what will it achieve?

The UN high-level meeting is the most significant political meeting ever held on TB and the best opportunity to raise the political priority of TB. The meeting will result in a political declaration on TB, endorsed by heads of state, that will form the basis for the future global response to TB.

The meeting is expected to secure a commitment from heads of state and governments for a coordinated global response, including an agreement to substantially increase financial resources for TB, and lead to millions of lives saved from premature deaths from TB. It should endorse measurable targets and commitments from governments and key stakeholders for 2020 and 2025 and a robust accountability system with regular monitoring and evaluation.

What are the expected outcomes of the UN HLM?

The UN high-level meeting on TB Coordinating Group, convened by the Stop TB Partnership and partners, has developed key asks, which will be the basis for advocating for the commitments in the high-level meetings’ Political Declaration:

  • Reach all people by closing the gaps in TB diagnosis, treatment and prevention
  • Transform the TB response to be equitable, rights-based and people-centered
  • Accelerate development of essential new tools to end TB
  • Invest the funds necessary to end TB
  • Commit to decisive and accountable global leadership, including regular UN reporting and review

Who is organizing the UN high-level meeting?

Organization of the high-level meeting is under the direction of the President of the UN General Assembly. The World Health Organization and The Stop TB Partnership are working closely together to support the organization of the meeting.